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40 Is The New Portlandia: Spring 2015 PNW Junket Omnibus Edition

  March 2015. I had no plan. Well, I had a plan: bug out of town for the 40th anniversary of my mother birthing me (" was the last big blizzard of 1975, your father drove me through a snowstorm in the dead of night..."). Yes, thank you, mom and dad. Here's to all moms and dads. 40. The big four-oh. The number weighed down on me. I packed my "go bag" and fled for Oakland, had a few drinks with friends, grabbed a burrito for the road (and a bottle of Jim Beam), and then hopped on the Coast Starlight – blasting along into the dead of night with its big diesel engine to points north. Eugene, Oregon. I check into the motel, the Campus Inn Eugene, after scarfing down a French dip at the Jackalope Bar and Grille (conveniently across from the Eugene Amtrak Station). There's about a half-mile walk between the motel and what locals refer to as "The Barmuda Triangle" in "downtown" Eugene. I made the walk every evening to head to The Horsehead,

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