The Cocktail

It's been a long week and my favorite bartender (who also happens to be my Baby-Daddy) made me a beautiful cocktail this evening.

We are big fans of Sailor Jerry's rum. Disparage it not, ye bow legged land lubbers, this is no bottom of the barrel grog (I'm looking at you, Bacardi silver). Sailor Jerry is smooth, with a kick of spice and a warming vanilla finish. It's also 46% ABV (92 proof!).

When Sailor Jerry is paired with Ginger Beer ™* and Meyer Lemons - "It's Efing Delicious!" Doc graciously made some ginger beer for us on his last trip to Camp Newman. Let me tell you, it is truly amazing! I might have to drink three more.

I will keep sipping while I come up with a fitting name for this delicious perversion of a traditional Dark and Stormy..
The S.S. Minnow.. ?
The Junk Boat.. ?

No, hm.. let's think,

The Meyer Lemon is hybrid of a true/sour lemon and a mandarin orange originating in China. The Rum and Ginger Beer (aka the Dark and Stormy) is a traditional Jamaican drink. Chinese and Jamaican, just like my friend Sandy.. et voila!..

Ladies and Gentlemen, 'The Sandy Shim' is born, a homage to my lovely friend and the idea of a cocktail -- bringing different ingredients together in a way that the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts.

The Sandy Shim:
  • 1 jigger of Sailor Jerry
  • 3 ounces of ginger beer (Preferably Dottore Gustavo's ™ Ginger Beer ®)
  • Half a Meyer lemon, cut into quarters
  • Cocktail mixer filled with crushed ice
  • Mason jar or stovepipe
  • Sugar in the raw
Squeeze out the juice of the lemon wedges and add to the mixer. Roll the wedges in raw sugar, throw two into the cocktail shaker, reserve two for garnish. Rim the glass with lemon juice then roll the rim in sugar to decorate.

For your viewing pleasure!:


As my 8 year old daughter might say, "Take that, Meyer lemons! Boosh!"

Happy Drinking~ 99%BitterSweet

*[Editor's note: Making a fresh batch of ginger beer tomorrow, recipe and method will be included. ]


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