Layovers and Hangovers

How's your head feeling, Tony?
Well, we're all just pickled tink over here that Aging Bad Boy Anthony Bourdain has wrestled the stick from his ass and deemed San Francisco worthy of something other than a bucket of snide with a side of snark.

Of course, he'd already knocked off the endless vegan slams in his 2009 blog post, but that wasn't as public a display of affection as we'd have liked.

We'd heard reports from friends around town that his visit was going to produce a positive look at our city by the bay and as last night's The Layover proved they were correct.

It was great seeing some of those friends in the show too, (HI, MIMI).

And what did it take to drag the words from his lips? Well, getting really drunk with the awesome Chris Cosentino probably helped loosen him up.

Apology officially accepted, Tony. We hope that your hangover wasn't crippling.


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