Meta v. Food

Judge Not, Ye Judgypants!

This is my friend Adam. No, not the hippie. We'll get to him later. My friend is the ice cream cone. In his out-of-costume hours Adam is associate producer of The Bachelor (SQUEE), The Bachelorette (GRUNT), and Man v. Food (RELEVANT).

The hippie is the host of Man v. Food, Adam Richman. I've heard he's a good sort, and in San Francisco we don't judge a man by the amount of fringe he's wearing. Let's just say he's no Huell Howser.

"Is This Cannibalism???"
Adam The Once and Ever Ice Cream Cone has a great time traveling to cool places and helping make fun television for all of us couch bumps living outside of what passes for reality these days. Who wouldn't have a great time traveling, eating, and writing about it? And what better time to plug Adam's blog, Talk Foodie To Me? If you want a food blog that's drier than your gramma's Sunday chicken don't read Adam's blog. WARNING: INAPPROPRIATE COOKIES!!! If, however, you do not fear INAPPROPRIATE COOKIES!!!! then give it a look and then try to unsee it. I dare you.

Oh, and tell gramma to pull that chicken a little sooner next Sunday.

The Cast of Glee "Taking 5"


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