Monday, January 16, 2012

Soul Satisfaction: Hard Knox Cafe

I just brunched with fellow Chowbaccan Dottore Gus at Hard Knox Cafe in The Dog Patch for a bit of soul food.

I had the linebacker portion of deliciously seasoned, perfectly-fried chicken and a waffle. That's three crispy pieces of cluck and a waffle nearly as big as the plate for ten bucks, America.

Herr Doktor went for the oxtails, which looked terrific, but I had my own mammoth portions to consume. We split sides of collards and red beans and rice. The collards were southern-style yet firm. The beans and rice had a nice filé kick. We even had enough left over to take out and share.

The place is dark and "Dog Patch Chic" but the food is good and plentiful for a good price.

2526 3rd Street
Mon-Sat 11-9
Sundays 11-5
No Reservations