Food Blog o' the Week: Celebrities Eating

Like most of you I was sitting around today taking navel inventory and wondering what Tina Fey would look like eating a banana. Unlike most of you I removed my finger from my navel and Googled it. The Tina Fey thing, not my finger. The answer to my query, it seems, is "pretty hot".

Now THAT'S Food Porn!

And so I would like to salute the folks at Celebrities Eating Dot Com for their tireless efforts to bring the world an unending supply of pictures of ... well, you know.

That fire in your pants is out now, isn't it, Tiger?
Why do we hunger for pictures of people we'll never meet eating? Is it some kind of Internet gateway drug leading us down the murky path to other celebrity bodily functions? Will we spend our futures whizzing about in rocket cars watching streaming video of the rich and fabulous whizzing about and streaming in their gold-plated astro-toilets? How the hell should I know?

Frenching The Hoagie
All I can tell you is that if you take a look at Celebrities Eating Dot Com [last update 11/03/11] they will deliver as promised with captions much funnier than what I've subjected you to here. You might even see something that will require eye surgery to unsee. Try it. I dare you.

Cheap Throat


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