Food Blog o' the Week: My Blog of Cheese

Let's talk cheese heads.

No, no. Sorry about the armpits and patchouli, folks.

Let's talk cheese lovers. Let's talk about people who are hungry for every type of cheese available and are excited for cheeses yet to come. If you think I'm talking about the crap Domino's smeared on your "artisan" pizza or some Velveeta Lite String Cheese Slices please leave the room. The grownups are talking.

Now, I'm talking about real cheese lovers. I'm talking about people who would gladly stare down the most pungent Epoisses de Bourgongne and would grapple heartily with The Stinking Bishop. I mean people who will snack down slices of salty Parmigiano-Reggiano like potato chips. I'm talking about souls who will happily devour cheeses of any color or texture in search of curdled bliss. I'm talking about people who want cheese made of mold, not "cheese food" forged in the chemical vats of Mordor, New Jersey.

One simply takes the Yellow #5 Off Ramp into Mordor

I'm talking about ... you and I, adventurous reader.

I'm also talking about Willow Yamauchi, author of My Blog of Cheese. A self-described "cheese newb", Willow has set out to try and learn about 100 cheeses in as many days. This week Chowbacca! salutes this cheese-o-naut's voyage of discovery.


Now, let's bring the cheese heads back in and put them in front of a video.


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