So Long and Thanks For All The Drinks: Mission Hill Saloon

Faces left intentionally blurry
because photographer is drunk.
I was looking forward to writing a little fluff piece about the baseball opening and our year-round, perpetual grill season in the Bay Area. My beloved Mission Hill Saloon was going to play a starring role.

Alas, MHS will be no more come Sunday, 26th February 2012. On Monday MHS will close forever, and the new incarnation will open after a rumored extensive overhaul inside and out by the folks behind Dear Mom.

At least this is going down after the NFL season (bleh) and before the first pitch of the MLB season (yay). Still, the future of neighborhood grilling is uncertain (boo).

Well, Saloon, we had some good times (and some pretty bad times, and a few times that I just don't remember, and some [REDACTED] times).

I'll miss the pot-lucks with the neighbors and the Monday soup kitchen with Quinn. I'll miss ordering delivery from Escape From NY Pizza with Prez and Mission Chinese Food with Tony Pope on slow nights. I'll miss the fact that Mia had bratwurst shipped frozen from Wisconsin for NFL Sundays. I'll never forget the time Joe Lee brought 7 dozen oysters to the annual Aries birthday weekend of mayhem, which I helped him shuck at the bar (two for the customers, one for me, two for the customers.. ).

If you loved the Saloon, come out on Sunday and send her off proper. There will be fire and meat and I might even grill too.

To the new owners:  Let's hope that like the chrysalis you turn into a beautiful butterfly, appropriately, on the corner of Mariposa and Potrero (Spanish pun for you remedial gringos).

Please, please, please do not turn into another douche-bag hipster bar.

Chowbacca! bids you a fond farewell.


  1. There's more info here from Mission Mission:


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