Support Your Local Butcher!

Below are before and after photos of pork belly from Drewes Brothers Meats, SF that we recently baconized in the bacon lab. Making bacon at home is fun and delicious. I'm excited to slice it up and taste the results.

[Update: It was bacon-tastic.]

Just another reminder that shopping locally does not simply mean going to farmer's markets for produce. Your local brick and mortar butcher, baker, cheese and fish mongers need your support too. The benefits to you include locally-sourced higher-quality cheese, breads, meat, fish and poultry, as well as a friendly face who knows your favorite cuts and will give you suggestions on how to prepare them. Try getting that level of commitment and service from some mega-meat provider like Whole Foods.

So, if your nearby megastore hasn't driven them out of business already, give your local business a visit. They'll be glad to help you.

Special note to San Franciscans: Save Drewes Brothers! Preserve San Francisco's meaty history!


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