An Urgent PSA from Kaptain Kale

Attention, citizens! Kale is high in beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin K, lutein, carotenoids, iron, and calcium! It's delicious and nutritious! How do you think I got this way? Gamma Radiation? BAH! It was KALE!

Kale can be prepared in a variety of ways! You can eat it raw in salads! You can steam it! It can be sautéed! Use it in soup! I command it!

Be Gigantic and Strong Like The Kaptain, Kids! Do It!

Do you think kale is too dainty? Too frail? Are Buffalo chicken wings frail? I made a lovely kale and carrot salad with bleu cheese dressing to accompany my Buffalo chicken wings! THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX, CITIZENS!

Celery is Cool, but Kale is King!

If you're already eating spinach, mix it up with some kale! Any fool knows that spinach is as nutritionally inferior to kale as all other green giants are to me! I beat Popeye the Sailor at arm wrestling all of the time!

You Heard Him in Your Minds. Eat It.


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