Food Blog o' the Week: Molecular Recipes

Saffron Tagliatelle of Consomme
Stunning, playfully inventive food beautifully photographed is only part of what you'll find at Molecular Recipes. Detailed recipes with tips and techniques for spherification, gelification, foaming and emulsifying ingredients into edible works of art make this blog more than just a pretty face.

Beetroot Puffs in Food Dehydrator
So, break out the calcium chloride and fire up the anti-griddle as you bring Molecular Gastronomy home, food nerds. Play with your food. You might learn a little something.

Spherical Pear Martini
P.S. Running low on hydroxypropyl methylcellulose? They also have a store.

Ce n'est pas un tabac infusé mousse au chocolat.


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