Food Blog o' the Week: The Way We Ate

Memories, like the pantry of my mind? Scattered pictures of the food we left behind? The Way We Ate covers it all. It's a blast from the past full of scanned ads and food magazine pics from decades gone.

Temporal Tempura

The ads can be a treat.

You Can Get It All In The Can From Mr. Lusty

So whether you like pie from the past...

Past-Tense Pie

... are in search of ancient astronauts....

Somebody Call A Chariot For The Gods
... are high on pots ...

Pot Fiend
... or if you'd just like to revisit the early days of the struggle for gender equality ...

The Hard Way? Time For A Canadian Club, Caveman.

... The Way We Ate has something for you. Trust me, it's superb.

"Just Ash In My Salad Plate, Mon Cheri."


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