Mission Chinese Food

Today members of Team Chowbacca! assembled at Mission Chinese Food for some lunch and laughs. Since the rest of the city is at SXSW we were able to grab a table right away. The week of Burning Man is also a nice time to check out popular restaurants, btw. *WINK*

Our advice? Get there while tables are open. SXSW ends Sunday. Don't be a sucker.

Behind the Guy with the Bags and the Unassuming Awning... Magic.
We shared the sea urchin and scallop savory egg custard, served cold with a citrus broth, which we feel is best experienced in the restaurant but doesn't travel well for delivery.

We also shared tea smoked eel, served with chinese herb salad and wrapped in rice noodle, served with a boozed up ponzu sauce.

Finally we shared the braised veal rib, a "dine-in only" dish, with a finger-licking good General Tso's style sweet and hot citrus sauce and grilled leeks. There may have been some unseemly bone-gnawing. Sorry, photos NOT available.

Mission Chinese offers beer and wine as well as tea. Local favorites like Racer 5 and Speakeasy are on the drinks menu. Flemish Red Sour Ale was the unanimous choice among Chowbacca! staffers.

Mission Chinese Food frequently updates their menu, as they have just recently done. If you are a Mission Chinese Food veteran, stop by to check out the new items. If you are novice, you are definitely in for a treat.

Mission Chinese Food
Chef Danny Bowien
is located in Lung Shan Restaurant
at 2234 Mission Street
Closed Wednesdays


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