Spatchcock your chicken

Spatchcocked Chicken…

... I know, I know. It's funny and the jokes are truly endless, but it really is a 'handy technique' to have in your bag o' kitchen tricks.

One reason being, it cooks faster than a non-spatchcocked chicken and if you are short on time for dinner, as I often am, it can speed things along quite nicely with out sacrificing any flavor.

I love to spatchcock a chicken and put in on the grill and slather it in BBQ sauce, or cook in a roasting pan in the oven on a bed of lemon and rosemary, or as I am doing tonight, in my Tagine.
So go ahead! Spatchcock your one is going to laugh at you.

Find the backbone. Slice along the side and thru the bone.

Continue along the back bone breaking through bones.

Cut down along the other side of the back bone and remove it,
but don't throw it out! Keep it in a zip lock bag in your freezer for stock!

Place the knife in the center of the breast bone.

 Give it a whack, hard enough to just break through the bone. The jokes! They write themselves!

Flip it over and tuck in the wings so they don't burn.

Happy Spatchcocking ~ 99% BitterSweet


  1. but unless you are going for a fancy dinner presentation, don't stop there and finish butchering it

  2. pdross2000 - this is perfect for brick chicken, and I prefer smoking the whole bird (99% bittersweet has a nice big Weber that doubles as a more than passable smoker)..


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