Tips and Tricks: A Better Fruit Fly Trap

"Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana." - Groucho Marx

If you live in the SF Bay Area no matter how clean you keep things there is a good chance you'll get a visit or two from drosophilia melanogaster, the common fruit fly. If you compost, and you should, it's even more likely. Here's a great way to make their visit as short as possible with a proven trap and a secret weapon.

Drinkable? Unthinkable.
That's right. The mixto sugar water that Sauza passes off as budget tequila catches fruit flies like nothing I've seen. Just take a small bowl, dish or ramekin and pour in some Sauza mixto. DO NOT USE 100% AGAVE TEQUILA unless you want to show the fruit flies your good taste.

If you only have a few fruit flies a pinky nail's worth of mixto will do. If you have an infestation, go to the knuckle so there's plenty of room for the buggers to drown in. Add a drop or two of dish soap for them to choke on. A major infestation may require multiple traps and frequent cleanings as the flies get wise to their fate once the dead bugs start piling up. 

Drosophilia Doom

Cover the bowl with cling film and cut a tiny incision in the center of the film. The flies will enter through the slit but will not be able to find their way back out. Remove any exposed food from your kitchen such as open garbage cans or bowls of fruit for example, and place the trap or traps near your compost, recycling, and garbage.

Doorway to Destruction
If you don't have cheap tequila-like product around you can substitute red wine or any number of vinegar types until you can get some mixto. Whatever you may use, this is the best way I've found of keeping the wee bastards from dive-bombing my wine glass at dinner.

And now, my mouse trap needs belly rubbing. Ciao.


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