Food Blog o' the Week: East Bay Cocktails

"Sweet fancy Moses! I'm SOUSED!"

It's a wild new world of cocktails out there, folks. Revived classics are slugging it out with modern variations and it's getting increasingly difficult to tell the bartenders from the mixologists.

If your idea of a mixed drink is a beer chaser for your shot of Old Underpants you need read no further, brother. You have found yourself a barstool to call "home". If, however, you have ever ordered a cocktail and were served the equivalent of a little gem salad in a martini glass there is someone who can help.

Jay Crabb is a bartender. He's a bartender's bartender. He can make a Bull Shot and he can make a shoe smell. He can also create all of the fancy drinks you desire with house made, organic, artisanal ingredients but he won't sneer one bit if all you desire is Bud, bud. Jay's skills, should you require them, are available at the Walnut Creek Yacht ClubSee what they did there?

Jay writes a blog about the mixological arts called East Bay Cocktails. There you can also find music and poetry, but the focus is on tasty cocktails and how to make/understand them. At Chowbacca! we love to play with our food and we can certainly appreciate those who play with their cocktails. *cough*

For transparency's sake I should 'fess up that Jay is the friendship equivalent of a favorite brother-in-law. He's also a great guy and writes a terrific blog. True story: our own Dottore Gustavo had already been following the East Bay Cocktails blog for a while before I told him that Jay writes it. Spooky, eh? Oooo-eeeee-oooooh.

Note to Jay: Please create a drink called Sweet Fancy Moses. Something vermouth-y. Thanks.

As for the rest of you, give East Bay Cocktails a read. You won't be disappointed. And if you don't believe me, I have a yacht docked in Walnut Creek to sell you.


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