Food Celebrities We Dig: Michael Ruhlman

Photo by Donna Turner Ruhlman,  ©2008

So...readers of Chowbacca! will have figured out by now that we are (almost) all from Cleveland, Ohio.

We don't mean to alienate anyone else (although we have some real concerns about the "food" from Chicago sometimes, and the bread lasagna they call "pizza") - we love you no matter where you grew up! Even you, Baltimore!

That said, the cat is out of the bag: Cleveland is a food town. We have an Iron Chef, a lot of great restaurants, the world-famous West Side Market, Susie Heller, and the deceptively mild looking raconteur and man about town Michael Ruhlman to take pride in.

Never heard of Ruhlman? Well, you should. He's contributed to The French Laundry cookbook, and has written many essential books about cooking.

His The Making of a Chef was extremely instructive in my early days as a cuisine enthusiast - teaching me many of the French terms I obnoxiously throw around...mirepoix, mise en place. Ruhlman spent considerable time immersed in actual classes at the Culinary Institute of America's Hyde Park Campus in the Hudson Valley.

Ruhlman has been a fixture on shows like Bravo's Top Chef, The Food Network's Iron Chef America as well as The Travel Channel's No Reservations and is a terrific ambassador for Cleveland's up and coming restaurant scene.

So we at Chowbacca! applaud him. Check him out here at his blog:


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