Happy Birthday, Calabria Brothers (MOVED)

UPDATE 9/27/2012 - Calabria Brothers has moved! More details to come (as soon as I gather them). 

This last Tuesday, March 10th, Calabria Brothers in Potrero Hill turned two. Congratulations!

They cater!
I stopped in for a hot Italian beef. This and the sausage and peppers are probably the most popular sandwiches, so show up early before they sell out.

Hot Italian Beef.
If you prefer cold-cuts, Calabria Brothers carries the standard Italian deli meats: hot copa, Mortadella, several types of hams, salami, pepperoni, cheeses, roasted red peppers and peperoncini.

Nana's own balsamico
Also carries syrups for Italian sodas, espresso and various sweets.


    2249 17th Street  San Francisco, CA 94103
      (415) 863-1213


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