Panhandle Pizza

I was out for a walk in the park on a beautiful Saturday and got to feeling a bit peckish. As I pondered my options I found myself craving a slice. Though I live near Panhandle Pizza, I usually either make pizza at home or take out an Italian Combo and a slice of cheesecake from Little Star. Being nearby, quick, and open finally got me to try out a thin slice from Panhandle Pizza.

Not Afraid to Bring the Pepperoni. Nice.

The verdict? Quite a tasty slice. It was a big slice, as you can see above. Their signature crust was good and folded nicely. The sauce had a subtle sweetness which played well with the spicy pepperoni. My slice issued a respectable amount of grease without being overly greasy. There are a lot of pizzas out there, but this was one well worth revisiting. Bravo.

I've also heard great things about their cornmeal crust as well as their vegan options. It's not really a dine-in spot but for an afternoon pop-in the service was friendly and prompt. I'll be back, Panhandle Pizza.

Spot the Error, Win 500 Quatloos.
Panhandle Pizza
2077 Hayes, SF
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