Supermarket Mysteries: A Better Sports Drink, Part One

I'll take your Grass Jelly Drink and raise you two cans of coconut water.

I got hooked on coconut water a few years ago while on an impromptu shopping mission. Yes, I was at Whole Foods. I know, shameful.

Just as the towering display at the end of the check out suggested I added a pretty, environmentally friendly box of coconut water to my basket... well, 'cuz I am a sucker. At the time, three bucks seemed like a fair price compared to the mark-up on everything else I was about to purchase.

I continued to buy my three dollar coconut water at Whole Foods that entire summer. Then I got smart. It had been staring at me for years and all I had to do was open my eyes.

Among the small section of Asian imports in our local grocery... I found it! Pure coconut water with floating bits of coconut meat! Something the pretty, environmentally friendly, packaged-specifically-for-the-Whole Foods-shopper, boxed type didn't have.

With coconut water and coconut meat as the main ingredients I feel good about this stuff. It's low sugar,  no fat, (No Jelly and No Grass), and a natural source of electrolytes. There is no reason for other sports drinks (I'm looking at you Gatorade, you sugary bastard!). This is just pure hydration... in a can!  ...and it's only 80¢!! It's a mystery to me why anyone would pay more!

We can thank Thailand for these gifts.
Ready for part two? Read More.


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