Supermarket Mysteries: A Better Sports Drink, Part Two

As the teachings of 99% BitterSweet have shown, no one should pay over a dollar for hydration, and it isn't just "Whole Paycheck" charging such extortionate prices for coconut water. Zico has been plastered all over my local Lucky for months and is being marketed as a natural sports drink. It comes in a variety of "natural" flavors like chocolate, pomberry... there's even a flavor called Zico Natural in case you forget that it's a Natural Sports Drink.

Plastic! It's Natural!
The funny thing about Zico Natural is that what you get for the additional $2.19 you'll pay for Zico over imported Young Coconut Juice is ... they leave the sugar out ... oh, and the pulp. Such a deal!

Keep in mind that a 10.5 FL. OZ. can of Young Coconut Juice only has 6% added sugar. That might be more than Zico Natural contains in its 14 FL. OZ. plastic bottles but it's far less than Gatorade contains. Plus, Zico doesn't offer the benefits of the pulp. The conclusion is a natural.

This Juice Gets Around!

And did I mention that coconut juice is delicious? It is!

In my search for coconut juice I also found the coconut drink pictured above. After checking the label I gave it a pass. It's around the same price as the coconut juice, (80 cents-ish at Lucky), but it contains slightly more sugar and a lot more water than coconut juice. And the "coconut extract" used in the drink wasn't nearly as appealing as "young coconut pulp" found in coconut juice.

Stop paying for marketing, people. Look beyond the fancy endcaps and empty promises, read a label or two, and you might just find a better, cheaper alternative to meet your needs. Meanwhile, Chowbacca! will continue to take one for the team by trying it before you buy it. You're welcome.

On the next Supermarket Mysteries: White Gourd Drink! Good? Bad? Indifferent? How is it with vodka? Stay Tuned!


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