Supermarket Mysteries: White Gourd Drink

After the banal horror that Grass Jelly Drink turned out to be, I was not looking forward to the beverage with gourd in its name. As I lifted the pull tab I expected fanged gourd spiders to leap from the can and empty their egg sacs into my face hole.

CB's Screen Test for Alien 3
No need to call Ripley. Not a single spider violated my face in any way. Nor did any gelatinized cubes of plant extract threaten me.

I liked it. I couldn't place the smell right away, or the taste. A Google found comparisons to cookies and Cheerios, but that wasn't it. A Wiki clued me in to the melon with caramelized sugar added to enhance the flavor. Crème brûlée, burnt cream ... yeah, that was the flavor I was trying to remember. The color was familiar too, like bourbon and melted ice.

Caramel Goodness in a Glass
White gourd, or ash gourd, is also called winter melon, but don't confuse it with a honeydew. Apparently, like many humans, the white gourd is sweet and fuzzy when young and waxy and savory in its later years.

 My wife had the great thought of making a granitas out of it. We'll be trying that delicious idea down the road. At the time, however, it reminded me of warm summer nights eating crème brûlée and drinking large glasses of chilled vodka with friends. Not surprisingly, caramelized sugar and a neutral spirit get along just fine.

In conclusion, as always, I advise sugar moderation. That said, if you are looking for something other than the average sugary drink, this is a tasty choice. Enjoy.


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