Central Valley Birthday Party

We found ourselves invited to a two years old's birthday party by one of my husbands hunting buddies. He is the proud dad of an adorable two year old.

I wouldn't know anyone at the party if we decided to go. The wife, whom had never met, has a big Spanish speaking family… I don't speak much Spanish. It had potential to be awkward.

Once I found out it was being held at a park, so the kids could play, I was happy to go, and even more so when I was told it was going to be catered (apparently the wife goes all out for parties). Once I realized I was off the hook for cooking Saturday's lunch, I decided I could deal with a little potential social awkward-ness for an afternoon.

My initial thought was it was going to be a BBQ because nearly all the parks in the central valley have bbq roasters large enough to cook a whole pig. Upon arrival, I soon realized there was no pig, bummer. For many hours, I was plied with beverages and participated in small talk and even embraced by a few older ladies like they had known me for life times. Eventually, I overheard that the caterers were on the way.

A cart affixed with hidden 2 propane tanks and wok-like pans rolled up late in the afternoon and two very busy gentlemen got to work prepping. There was a quick half hour of prep and then the line started. The savory Mexican spices teased me and made my stomach growl.

Street Tacos were the days offerings. There were two choices- pastor and carne asada.  Fresh, and simply garnished with fresh cilantro, grilled or raw onion, key limes and radishes.  They also offered perfectly seasoned rice and beans.

I made my way up to the cart and and asked for just two street tacos. In good fun, the cooks teased me, told me I was too skinny and assured me I'd be back for more. I was. It was too good. 

When we got home, happily sun burned and full bellied, I realized I had completely forgotten about being in food blogger mode. I guess the hunger and sun must have fried my brain a bit. I didn't even get a picture of my taco. Luckily, my husband picked up a business card. As it turned out, a very vague and strange business card.  (If you are in the Central Valley, and need a party catered, call this Victor guy, you won't regret it. From what I understand, his prices are more than reasonable and you get to keep the leftovers.)

Business on the front / Party on the back!

Much earlier in the day, I did manage to snap this picture of the cotton candy machine with my iphone, but that was waaay before the margaritas started.

~99% BitterSweet


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