Cinco de Mayo: ¡Si, Mas Fruitas!

Cinco de Mayo.

It's a big enough celebration in the Central Valley that our grocery store has had an over night transformation.

Tequila in the produce department? Limes, watermelons and mangoes in the liquor aisle?

Like I have mentioned before, I am a sucker for consumer merchandising.

I fell for the "two for six dollars" watermelon sale and, of course, the towering display of tequila was undeniable. For a mere $16.99 the deal was sealed.

Get in my shopping basket tequila!

I came home and sliced up the watermelons for the kids. A few hours later, sticky faced and sweaty, they had finally had their fill of it. 

With half a melon left, and a full bottle of tequila, my most favorite bartender/husband got to work on a drink. It was approaching cocktail hour, which is about 2 p.m. here.

(What? It's happy hour in Cleveland!)

With all the chopping, squeezing, and pureeing George was doing, I decided to get the camera out and get Chowbacca! with it. Because when George gets fired up over a drink, it's worth documenting.

Since he doesn't measure, this is the general backbone of the recipe.
  • 4 1/2 oz tequila
  • 1/12 oz orange liqueur
  • 1 oz sour mix
  • 3/4 cup fresh watermelon puree
  • juice of four limes: 3 for the sour mix, 1 for the cocktail.
  • margarita salt
  • ice

First, make your sour mix by dissolving 1 cup sugar in 1 cup hot water. Let cool and add the juice of 3 limes and one lemon. Shake well and keep in a jar for future uses.

We always have this ingredient handy in the fridge.

Chop the watermelon into cubes and add to your
blender, puree until smooth. Set aside.

Add the juice of a lime and all the other ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Shake violently and pour into salt -rimmed glasses.

Happy Cinco de Mayo! ~99% BitterSweet


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