Photo Essay: The Day They Laid Poor Pancho Low, Lefty Split for Ohio

The desert's quiet and Cleveland's cold, so the story ends we're told

getting around
RTA coming through 79th Street on the Blue Line at dusk.

Cleveland's West Side Market
The West Side Market.
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.
Cleveland's West Side Market
Observation deck of the West Side Market.
pick a part, water tower
Water Tower near Eddy Road off the Shoreway Freeway.
Garfield's Tomb
President Garfield's Tomb, Lakeview Cemetary.
Crawfish boil and chicken feet.
North of Mayfield
Looking north toward the lake, East Cleveland, Ohio.
Inside door, Grog Shop, Cleveland Heights, Ohio.
Kuck Fasich!
Friends don't let friends vote stone-age.


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