Supermarket Mysteries: Calamansi Juice Drink

Calamansi, aka calamondin. It's a Philippine lemon that tastes like an orange but also tastes a bit like a lime. Is it a lemon? An orange? A lime? A Limonorange?

The can promises "Sweet Memories of Cebu", but since I've never been to Cebu it brought back memories of Tang, the powdered breakfast drink from my youth. It's better than Tang, actually. Loudly and proudly NOT FROM CONCENTRATE, and when mixed with some cane juice and water, calamansi juice tastes like a delicious version of the bland space drink.

Sure, you're asking, but how is it with vodka? Like the easiest shaky shot you ever poured. And if you're in need of a little "hair of the Cinco de Mayo" a little tequila and some grenadine makes quite a refreshing Tequila Sunrise. Oh, yeah. Works every time.


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