Brunching: Luna Bakery Café

Small Mediterranean Salad
"The best-laid schemes o' mice an' men gang aft agley", says Scots poet Robert Burns. 

Another literary reference is the source of the name for the place we wanted to have brunch, however fate, and a backed up sewage pipe, conspired separate me from my bangers and mash and bloody mary.

We won't name names, but locals can guess which institution we're talking about.

So instead we set off for the café up the hill (Cedar hill, that is) for an iced mochas and pastries repast.

Oftentimes, coffee shops and cafés will serve pastries made off-site, either by an affiliated or wholly owned subsidiary commercial bakery or a third party. We were delighted to discover that the Luna Bakery Café runs their own, in-house bakery.

There is a full-service coffee barre and two large round griddles for making crêpes (oh, how we miss you, Ti Couz).

Outdoor seating is available (although the only available 4-top was directly in the blazing hot Cleveland sun).


Scones and gougères.



Luna Bakery Café
2482 Fairmount Boulevard
Cleveland Heights, OH 44106


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