Hotsauce: A Gift the Keeps On Giving!

Someone set up us the bomb?
My husband walked in from getting the mail with a small box tucked under his arm, my curiosity was piqued.

"What is it?"

"I don't know. Its for you."

"Really? Sweet!"

I look at the return address...Aww!


Its from my dear cousin Cheryl all the way back in Ohio!

Cheryl is a little older than me and my best memories of her is when we were young and the endless piggy back rides she used to give me.

She never got tired of carrying me around on her back and if she did, she never told me about it.

She was a great older kid to hang out with and I am forever grateful that she tolerated her little annoying cousin (me) as well as she did.

I opened the box and dug threw some newspaper padding and opened an envelope that contained two bottles of her and her boyfriend Tim's homemade hot sauce.


"Not just any hot sauce, this stuff is called @SSBURN for a reason," she warns me, "its not for sissies." 

I like hot sauce as much as the next girl so I decided to give it a try.

I opened the bottle, first giving it a whiff.

It made my mouth water.

It was spicy and sweet with aromas of roasted pepper and possibly garlic too.

I immediately started to ponder how to best use the @SSBURN.

I asked Cheryl a few questions about it:

99%: Did you use any other pepper aside from habanero?

CMV: No, no other peppers but, we added garlic from my Dad's garden.

Lookin' Good, Uncle Joe!!
99%: You grew the habaneros your self, any special gardening tricks?

CMV: I grew them on my deck in a planter, no special tricks.

99%: How do you recommend using the @SSBURN? What food does it go best with?

CMV: Its very good on chicken...we did wings, low and slow on my grill then brushed on @SSBURN ...yummy!

The Burning Bush

Well, I definitely see some chicken wings in my near future.

Tonight, I promised my kids meatloaf and seared/smashed baby potatoes, but I am determined to work in the @SSBURN somehow (never though I'd say those words!).

[Ed. Note: giggidy. ]

Seared/Smashed baby potatoes with @SSBURN!
  • baby potatoes, any color you like, I used purple
  • salt
  • olive oil/bacon or duck fat
  • your favorite baked potato fixin's
Bake as many baby potatoes as you need in the oven for about 20 minutes or until fork tender.

Remove from oven and let cool.

Heat a cast iron pan, add your favorite fat. I prefer bacon fat, or duck fat.

Add a few potatoes to the pan and with the bottom of a coffee cup smoosh the potato until it is about 3/4" thick.

Let it fry for a minute or two until the edges are crisp then flip and cook until the other side is crisp as well.

Sprinkle with salt and pepper then, remove to a paper towel lined plate.

Top as you would a baked potato, sour cream, chives, bacon crumbles, even cheese.

Oh, don't forget the @SSBURN!!


There are a ton of hot sauces on the market but, I am quite sure @SSBURN is something special. Its damn hot but it also has a lot of flavor and insists you keep going back for more.

I'd upgrade from my Cholula habit if I could buy this retail.

So, Cheryl and Tim, when can we expect to see @SSBURN for sale, hum?


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