Photo of The Day: And If You're Going To San Francisco

Always get "Yakov's Choice".
Some people in San Francisco see Clevelanders and backwards, fly-over hicks, conversely some people in Cleveland harbor a rather nostalgic view of San Francisco.

Dave's Cosmic Subs is a small sandwich franchise in Cleveland created by owner Dave Lombardy, who was transformed by the ideals of the Summer of Love.

An artist and musician, Dave strives to bring the spirit of the 1960s to each of his sub shops.

Dave's Coventry Village, Cleveland Heights, Ohio location is larded with 1960s memorabilia, tying together both the San Francisco Haight & Ashbury of 1969 feel and the Cleveland as home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame meme.

While my San Francisco is a very different place, I can forgive the romanticizing of that particular era.

San Francisco is, after all, a romantic city. At least, that's what we tell the tourists.


Dave's Cosmic Subs
1842 Coventry Road, Cleveland Heights, OH
(216) 320-0330


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