Play With Your Food: Hot Doggin'

I'm not taking credit for this. My wife found it on the Internet somewhere. However, spiral cutting your grilled dogs does make them tastier and also holds condiments better in the bun. I don't cut as deep as the guy in the video. His way felt too much like a helicopter mom cutting up my hot dog and my results were still quite good. The dogs had a nice caramelization and the grooves gripped the condiments well.

And speaking of buns, toasted buns with a little butter and garlic inside makes a great dog even better.

If you're looking for something inexpensive to wash those doggies down with, Trader Joe's always has your back. You can "grab some Buds" or live the High Life too, I suppose. I'll stick with TJ's. They offer a nice variety of tasty brews that you can fill a cooler with and not break your wallet. And psst, it's made by Gordon Biersch.

Happy grilling.


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