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I can not tell a Fry. These images are owned by FOX.

Every week it seems that a new one of these "arives" (sic) on the soshul intert00bz (ditto):

If you believe that, I represent a Nigerian Prince who will turn your gold into Mexican Viagra!

And yet, every week someone falls for it, (it's October 21st, 2015 in the film, FYI) or some other hoax and reposts it as fact. This got me to thinking about food hoaxes, so I went to the good folks at about.com to dig up some oldies but goodies. Here are my Top Five Internet Food Hoaxes:

5) Japanese Man Burned In HYDROGEN BEER EXPLOSION!!!

Any culture that buys underpants from vending machines must surely have deadly hydrogen beer accidents in its karaoke bars, right? Wrong. Best quote: "He catapulted balls of fire across the room that Gojira would be proud of ..."

4) Diner Contracts SYPHILIS At OLIVE GARDEN!!!

I ask you: Who hasn't contracted syphilis at Olive Garden? Well, certainly not Marilyn Hagerty. The woman's a saint. The rest of us, however, are apparently in grave danger. My advice? Avoid the semen appetizer.

3) Bananas Carry FLESH EATING VIRUS!!!

This email hoax probably raised some concerns in certain areas of the porn industry. Best quote: "If you  are more than an hour from a medical center burning the flesh ahead of the infected area is advised ..." Ouch.

2) Drinking Cold Water Will Give You CANCER!!!

The only thing never alleged to cause cancer? Cancer. Best quote: "This is not a joke."

1) Russian Reporters COOK AN EGG Between Two CELL PHONES!!!

I heard that these guys also figured out how to get unlimited international calls using two microwaves.


Remember: Doing a little research before you repost something raises your IQ fifteen points!! It's a widely accepted Internet fact!


  1. I can't wait to look at the referrer logs to see what kind of internet trash those labels attract. Bet this gets 500 hits before EOM.

    1. Unlimited bread sticks for all my friends!


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