A Little Something from the Bar That I Forgot

I had a drink at Alembic one sunny afternoon and it was ... game changing. I have ... well, I've had this policy, you see, not to drink scotch before sundown. Picture a slurring Scottish Mogwai and you'll appreciate my precautions.

That was before; this is now. It only took one sip of this pleasing cocktail to change my mind. Another six-or-so sips and my mind was severely clouded.

The drink that blinded me with mixology contained, I believe, two kinds of peaty single-malt scotch ... difficult to say which as the bottles were a bit blurry ..., sweet vermouth ... Carpano? ... Punt e Mes? Help? ... a walnut liqueur from Napa and ... was it bitters? Angostura? Peychaud's? Regans? House made? Why the hell didn't I write it down? Oh, right.

 I have to call them. Danny was the bartender who made it. I think. Maybe? Was there absinthe in it? Did he call it a "Brown Beauty"? Perhaps?

Well, at least the walnut liqueur from Napa is confirmed! Or is it? How'd this picture get into my phone?

Get yourself to The Alembic for a forgettable experience you'll never forget. Ask for Danny. I saw a couple of them. Maybe.

The Alembic Bar
1725 Haight Street  San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 666-0822


  1. I've seen them using Fee Brothers Bitters, which has a real cinnamon/clove sort of flavor, and Mr Bitters, which is far superior to Agnostura. Fee Brothers also makes a couple other flavored bitters, like orange bitters. A dash or two of any of those in pork tenderloin marinade takes it over the top. Slante!


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