Snacking Well

My daughter and I have had a tradition since she has been old enough to eat food that wasn't puréed. We call it the Feast. It's healthy, easy to make and easy to clean up. It isn't boring and bloating like a bag of pretzels or chips and it's great for leisurely munching as we spend an afternoon watching baseball or out on a picnic with mom. What's involved? Some thoughtful pantry stocking and a little slicing.

We always have a good supply of fresh fruit, dried fruit, nuts, crackers and cheeses around at our house. This particular day some of the treats were: dried figs, cashews, fresh raspberries and blueberries, fresh peach slices, peanuts, almonds, sliced apple, and pumpkin seeds. There wasn't any chocolate around that day, but a few chunks aren't unknown to the Feast-ivities. Some banana chips worked as a sweet stand-in.

As for cheeses, I usually mix it up from Feast to Feast. Lately, my daughter has preferred some form of cheddar or jack cheese but this time out she destroyed the Somerdale Wensleydale with blueberries. I guess I should have anticipated that and cut more. It's a mighty tasty cheese.

Aside from the nutrition and convenience benefits, my child feels involved with what she eats by helping to select the items for each Feast, develops healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime, and has a lot of fun. I've even taught her knife skills by letting her help with the preparation.

Don't just snack, have a Feast!


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