Cheap Thrills: Post Apocalyptic Beers

Times are tough, but you don't need to drink shoe polish after a long day of thundering across the vast wasteland in search of gasoline and mayhem. Chowbacca is here to help with some affordable tips for the post apocalypse.

Trader Joe's, the folks who brought you everything from the Box-Wine-In-A-Bottle "Two Buck Chuck" to Boomerang Vodka are featuring some 22 oz. beers for $1.99.

First up is Mission St. Brown Ale brewed surreptitiously by Firestone Walker.

Mission St. is a decent brown ale for the price. With a malty, nutty flavor and hints of coffee this beer beats reaching for the "King of Beers" or the "High Life" or any of the blander big commercial offerings. Saving money doesn't have to be a yawn fest.

Next up are the Boatswain Chocolate Stout and H.L.V. Ale. The Boatswain label is apparently out of Wisconsin but I've seen it sourced from both Rhinelander Brewing or Minhas Craft Brewing so it seems to be another Trader Joe's brewing arrangement, but what really matters is flavor.

The chocolate stout is heady, creamy and chocolatey for its price point. It is brewed with cocoa powder along with roasted malt and tangy hops, giving it a richer flavor profile than Gimmick, er, Guinness. 

The H.L.V. is another brown ale with good flavor and a dry finish. Not as tasty as the Mission St. Brown, but not bad for a couple of bucks.

Are these the best beers you'll ever have? No, but they'll get you through until the apocalypse turns around.

"Don't call me CHEAP! I'm AFFORDABLE!!!"


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