Grilled Cheese Tuesdays

[ Editor's note: this even has long since gone the way of the dodo, which is too bad because we miss Kasey and his grilled cheese sandwiches. March/2013 ]

Without saying a word, a grilled cheese sandwich was placed in front of me.

Shredded cheese from a bag, Mexican canned chiles, white Bimbo-style bread, spray butter and an electric hot plate, nothing fancy.

I was working, sipping on bitters and soda, watching the Giants flounder in Colorado (and tie it up with a three run homerun by Bumgarner in the 4th, yes!).

Kasey is the Tuesday happy hour bartender at The Unresolved Love Life of Evelyn Lee, and so far as been more than good to me - despite me drunkenly spending down my cache of good will by frequently Rick-rolling the 'Lee, Pops and Dear Mom from my smartphone.

Bloggers have questionable journalistic standards already, and I am certainly not at all above graft, so ... go to Evelyn Lee on Tuesday and get yourself a grilled cheese sandwich (3PM until 9PM or supplies run out)!

Kasey's a good egg, you should come out and give him money in exchange for booze.

By the way, the sandwiches are free for any bar customer. I guess I'm not all that special, Mr Hot-shot Blogger and all.



The Unresolved Love Life Of Evelyn Lee
491 Potrero, SF, CA 94110


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