Park City Dining: The Farm

All Photos by LMj

Part Four of my "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" series (Conclusion).

We were in the tented and glassed patio section of Salt Lake Magazine's Best New Restaurant 2012 The Farm at Canyons Resort in Park City. It was almost too beautiful a setting for the chaos that was brewing at our large table.

Imagine a family outing where the children, ranging from an infant to toddlers to pre-teens, outnumbered the adults and were all quite excited to be dining together. Add to that scene a summer storm bearing down on the mountains which was firing the kids up even more with each lightning flash and burst of thunder. Don't get me wrong. These are all great kids, but they are kids and life in the tent was getting a little loud and overjoyed; turning it into some hybrid of the circus and Thunderdome.

Having plenty of adult supervision looking after the kids it was time to join my brother-in-law for a Cherry Bear.

Overseen by Executive Chef John Murcko, The Farm features New American cuisine sourced from local farms and artisans within 200 miles of Park City. Even the High West Rendezvous Rye and Zoe's Garden Honey in my cocktail were sourced right down the road.

It was delicious and relaxing. As I sipped the bear an amuse-bouche of squash soup arrived as well as some house made cornbread served with a honey butter. It was all light, fresh and lovely. As I finished my Cherry Bear I was impressed that the staff were beyond professional to the point of being jovial, friendly and helpful as they took care of our large, animated party. I could easily imagine servers becoming agitated at a project with so many moving parts but not The Farm's staff. A couple of women seated at a nearby table didn't even last through a glance at the menu before requesting a table inside and yet the staff took it all in fun. More than any cocktail, their approach turned around what could have been an exasperating experience for all.

Was the food great? Have I mentioned that I love things fresh and locally sourced? I can only speak for the wild sockeye salmon with grilled peaches, duck carpaccio and arugula which I paired with a refreshing Godello from Bodegas Ruchel*. Yes, amid all of the wonderful chaos, the food was great.

As rain tapped on the windows and children "oohed" at the great show in the sky above the surrounding mountains I looked across the tent at smiling faces and joined their smiles with my own. We all had a great time: adults, kids, staff, even the young couple at another table who didn't flee the fun.

Thanks for the great food, Farm folk, and thanks even more for the wonderful experience.

*Hat Tip to my lovely wife and personal sommelier.

The Farm @ Canyons Resort
On the Ski Beach, across from the base of the Red Sky Gondola
Hours are seasonal. Call (435) 615-8080 for information.


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