Park City Dining: Riverhorse

I do wish restaurants would knock off the Kobe fibbing.
Part One of my "How I Spent My Summer Vacation" series.

Let me start off by saying that I have always found something to love about Riverhorse. I have found so much to love that at my daughter's request I spent a date night with my wife, who loves the full vegetarian menu at Riverhorse, and a family night at the same restaurant on our recent trip to Park City, Utah. That's a lot of love for a hungry man in a food town like Park City.

Date Night: It was our first look at the place since the recent remodel. They really did a great job. A beautiful space is now even more so.

I must have been feeling both salt depleted from our family hike earlier that day and deprived of foie gras by stupid PETA jerks in California based on my choices for that meal. I started with a salt-rimmed quince margarita made with Herradura, followed it with the pork belly appetizer and segued into the gimmicky but great tasting foie gras stuffed Mississippi quail with morels.

Duck Confit Amuse-Bouche and a Quince Margarita

Surprisingly my blood pressure didn't make my eyes bleed and honestly only the pork belly was a slight fail. It looked pretty coming out, but the melting mozzarella quickly reduced the artfully stacked elements to a bad day on Amtrak as I scrambled to gather a decent bite together. After my efforts the flavors didn't ever really mesh into anything interesting. I'd have been happier with a less elaborate preparation of the otherwise tasty, crispy belly.

Moving on, the quail with foie gras stuffing more than made up for the stumble. Paired with a yummy Siduri Pinot Noir '09 it was a decadent mini Thanksgiving dinner and a joy to my foie-deprived self. My wife enjoyed the Oregon wild mushroom gnocchi.

At my wife's brilliant suggestion I followed my salt fest with Hungary's Tokaji Eszencia. With sugar levels approaching 900 grams per liter the dense little glass of dessert wine was the perfect treat to wash away the salt of my indulgence.

Overall, a lovely dinner and conversation with my lovely wife in a beautiful setting.

Note to Jason Lee: My one regrettable moment of the experience was the cologne stink wafting from your table as we were leaving our own. Back off on the fragrance next time, fella.


Family Night: A different time but even more delightful thanks to the presence of our daughter. We all shared the light, flavorful potstickers to start and I enjoyed the flawless pistachio nut crusted Utah Red Trout with pomegranate fennel salsa, wild arugula and forbidden rice. I did squeeze in another of those tasty quince margaritas before dinner as well. My dates both praised their meals as well, but I was enjoying their company rather than taking notes.

Two more of many terrific meals out in a beautiful space in a beautiful town with my family and my love affair with Riverhorse endures.

Tomorrow: Part Two of my series gets primal at another Park City favorite.

Riverhorse on Main
540 Main Street
Park City, Utah
(435) 649-3536
Pro Tip: Ask not to be seated next to Jason Lee's cologne bomb


  1. That's not cologne, friend. Those are Body Thetans escaping his body through continuous auditing and practicing Technology Ethics. Maybe you should stop being so 1.1 on the Tone Scale, Suppressive Person!


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