Snack Attack: Chocorooms

Chocorooms are are a Japanese biscuit snack like Yan Yan shaped like a cute mushroom and then dipped like Pocky! When I eat them, I feel a little like this:

H/T for the background to Scott Miller's Kingdom of Kroz II
If you don't care for Pocky or Yan Yan you likely won't enjoy Chocorooms. That said, I am a fan of Japanese biscuit snacks and found Chocorooms to be light, fun and slightly addicting as this cartoon dog with a strangely familiar voice that I found on YouTube will now demonstrate.

If you can't find them locally there is always Amazon. And if you find yourself in Japan or know someone there maybe you can get your hands on some of this fun in this next video.

So what? So let's dance!

What's your favorite Japanese snack?


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