So You Think You Can Chowbacca?

If you've ever read Chowbacca and thought "I can do that, jerks" it's time to pull off that thinking cap, put on your doing hat and get to typing, big shot! Chowbacca is currently looking for a few good posts on food, wine, food and wine, coffee, tea, candy, cookies, meat, potatoes, or anything humans consume for nutrition and/or pleasure. Is there a restaurant you dig where you live? Blog it up! Did you try some crazy new cheese? Get to typing! Did you reinvent the salad? We want to read about it! Want to babble on about your favorite hot sauce? Babble at us! You are just a few keystrokes away from being as Internet famous* as the unpaid fools blogging geniuses at Chowbacca!

What's the first step, you ask? Send us a brief synopsis of your idea for a Chowbacca post and a sample photo if available to If we like the cut of your jib we'll send you a copy of our Benevolent-ish Dictator's Blogger's Guidelines and you're on your way!

Your post can be long form or as short as a few sentences and a photo. We're as easy as Lionel Richie on a Sunday morning and it's a crazy, mixed-up world of guest blogging! Get in there!!!

*Internet fame is not even remotely guaranteed or recommended and it doesn't pay anything beyond a quick stroke to your ego. Side effects may include head swelling and gout. Ask your doctor if guest blogging is right for you.


  1. "As easy as Mike Patton covering Lionel Richie on a Sunday morning," would also have been accepted.


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