Classic Gold Into Cash: Luncheon At Tiffany's

For that "small-town Southern girl turned Manhattan trickster" in every child! It's the Breakfast at Tiffany's Lunch Box! Matching cigarette holder not included.

More than a just a lunch box, it's a way of life and a great way for your kids to carry a backup "little black number" Givenchy dress! And why not fill it with a tasty pet rat or some of those "Big Fat Hissey Fit" candies (pictured)? Treat your little waif to urban vermin and female hysteria in a yummy gummy form that will go down smoothly with with a shot of I.Y. Yunioshi's Sake for Kids! Matching extra-thick sake glasses not included.

The essential vitamins and hormones in milk are maturing your children faster by the minute! Shouldn't you be preparing them for a fanciful adolescence as a big city mob mule?

Available at Powell's Sweet Shoppe locations throughout California!

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