Happy (Belated) Birthday Grog Shop!

"Not sure what to write here... will keep it short, no dishing gossip."

Grog alum & esteemed author.

My notes to myself after returning from the 20th Anniversary party at Cleveland Heights, Ohio's own The Grog Shop.

Well, I'm still not sure what to write - or what would even be appropriate to write. I cannot emphasize enough that the bar is home, the staff is family and in a twisted way, Kathy Simkoff-Blackman is our alcoholism-enabling den mother.

Friends help you move, real friends tell you to go f*ck yourself when you are moving. They know where the bodies are hidden because they helped you bury them.

Well, we at Chowbacca! are real friends of the Grog Shop if they have any friends at all and they should. The Grog is there for you on your way up, and will catch you on your way back down. Many national acts like to sneak in and play unannounced, impromptu shows there and Kathy has more rock stars on speed dial than Heidi Fleiss  had politicians and corporate attorneys in the 1990s.

Mozltov, Grog Shop, here's to the next 20!

We love you Kathy, John, John, Marty, Chrissy, Yakov and everyone else who has ever been through the maelstrom. We love you too, Adam, glad to have you in the family.



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