Photo Essay: October Orange

Has the world gone mad? Got you down?

Here's some October Orange courtesy of Portland, Oregon.

Chowbacca! wishes you a happy Halloween. In the mean time, our thoughts are with family and friends out East.

Our congratulations to the World Champion San Francisco Giants, but San Francisco - cut it out.

Please, stay safe out there.

Suillus grevillei, Tamarack Jack. Not poisonous, but not very good to eat.
Hat tip to local amateur mycologist Yakov of Lev's Original Kombucha.
Powers Irish Whiskey at Gil's Speakeasy Tavern in Portland, Oregon.
Have a feeling we'll want a few later today.
Speeding past autumnal Willamette National Forrest in Oregon on the Amtrak Coast Starlight.
Crossing the Willamette River on foot over the Hawthorne Bridge, Portland, Oregon.


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