Top Five: Free iPhone Food Apps

With the release of iphone 5 I realized a couple of things: 1) That I've been using an iPhone since the first gen and 2) How long I've been using some of my go-to food apps. Here are my top 5 most-used apps:

1) OpenTable

I use this app all of the time, or I'm booking tables on their web site, but usually it's on the smartphone. From making reservations to changing reservations to canceling them it's a terrific, oh-so-convenient service even if I never eat out often enough to get a free dinner.

2) Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch

Do you want to know the most ocean-friendly fish to eat? Monterey Bay Aquarium is here to help with this informative app. Whether you're out for sashimi or at the market you'll know what is your best choice, what will be a good alternative and what overfished and threatened fish to avoid. You can also participate in Project Fish Map by providing locations where the best choice fish can be found. You Android folks can benefit too.

3) Real Recipes

Sometimes I'm out of time, really in the weeds and need a recipe to work from or the meal isn't happening. Here's where I find a way out of those trying times thanks to the folks at It even has a place to put those go-to recipes for future reference. The additional cooking tutorials and a timer are just gravy.

4) TipStar

Sometimes we all go a glass too far ... right? No one I know wants to leave a crappy tip because they are "math impaired". That's when a tip calculator comes in handy. This one is clean and simple enough to use even when you're tee many martunis deep. It has presets for a range of tip percentages and gives you the option to adjust your tip up or down based on the quality of service. It also breaks up big checks by the size of your party in case you're dining with George Costanza.

5) Candy Doodle

This is one for the kids. It's not my daughter's favorite, but I refuse to plug her favorite because it constantly nags me to play. This one is great, quiet, and it has fun, real recipes in it too like peanut brittle and candy pizza. We made the candy sushi for New Year's Eve one year and it was terrific.

What? Did I miss something? Clue me in.


  1. For cooking, I find Rulman's "Ratio" app pretty useful for looking up common recipe ratios (especially in baking and sauce making), and it has a clip/scrapbook feature that let's you create your own index for recipes.

    1. D'oh! The wife uses that one all of the time and I keep meaning to grab it. Thanks for the reminder!

    2. I should also mention that "Ratio" is $4.99 and wouldn't have been included here anyway.

    3. Touché, but worth every penny.


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