Put A Chowbacca! On It: Public Domain Coffee

In downtown Portland's Pearl District, Public Domain Coffee (and tea) looks more like a high end jewelry shop than coffee shop with it's unstained wood counters, metal chairs, polished chrome espresso machines, plate glass windows, white walls and track lighting.

The jewels on display are the noblest of beans (which is really the stone pit of a berry): coffee.

For a few dollars, you can get a double pull of single-origin espresso in a demitasse, served with a seltzer back in a glass tumbler (pictured above).

We have it from an unnamed source that the single-origin is "life changing", but we opted for the standard double-pull at $2.50, which was pretty good.

A'la minute single-serve drip coffee and iced drinks also available, and well and the expected pastries.

Sorry, you'll have to go to an actual jewelry store to pick up the princess-cut for your sweetie.

Luckily, that's next door.


Public Domain Coffee
603 Southwest Broadway
Portland, OR 97205


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