Sriracha Addiction

I'm your own, personal Sriracha Jesus thanks to my addiction both to a certain delicious "rooster sauce" and to The Oatmeal. How addicted are you? You can take the quiz yourself here. While you are there check out the rest of Matthew Inman's digital scribblings as they are quite entertaining too. Also, Sriracha popcorn.

And, if you'd like to home brew some sriracha without the preservatives, or if you just want to spare yourself the chemical burn and buy some, the folks at boingboing have you covered. Want some ideas for how to use sriracha? Check out this slide show from Bon App├ętit.

Here at Chowbacca! we have a chili recipe using Sriracha coming up from guest blogger and friend Mike T.

Stay spicy, my friends.


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