Tweaking the Peanut

A while back I took some leftover spicy green peanut sauce and made some great grilled chicken with it. Recently, shrimp was on the menu again and I'd wanted a return of that sauce to dip my shrimp into.

As I set to making it I noticed a Haas avocado that was ripe, ready and in need of a home. 35% more potassium than a banana? B vitamins? Vitamins E and K? High in fiber and delicious, healthy fat? Welcome aboard, avocado. Did it make the sauce smoother, creamier, better? Yep.

My shrimp and sauce needed something on the side so I substituted some pineapple juice for some of the rice water and added some pineapple chunks into the finished rice. Maybe I'll try adding some coconut to the rice next time.

I probably could have tossed another vegetable into the mix, but the sauce was a veg on its own. Did I have enough sauce left over for some chicken parts later? Yep.

Bawk, Bawk.


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