6th Day of Christmas: A Gas Range and Oven

My stove, which I have decided to name "Gertrude."
Electric ranges are garbage and electric ovens aren't much better.

Infrared ranges are cool, but I don't have that kind of scratch, Jack.

No sir, it will be gas for me, daddy-o. Nothing says we're cooking like the click-click-click of an electric gas starter, and the FWOOOSH of the flame catching.

Ever try blackening peppers on your fancy infra-red stove top? Can't be done, son. Ever char tortillas on electric coils? Don't try it, boy-o!

Gas, now we're cooking!

[ Editor's note: expect to pay between $600-1000 for a decent new 30" gas range and oven. ]

Cauliflower gratin, 6 or 7 minutes under the broiler, middle-high rack.


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