8th Day of Christmas: A Frickin' Laser

Just kidding. I'm really going to talk about my favorite kitchen spoon.

I'd had it with pain-in-the-ass, difficult to clean and care for wooden spoons. I'd had it with stainless steel spoons scratching my pots and pans. When my daughter wanted to bring this one home with her I didn't realize it at the time but the Tovolo silicone spoon would become my go-to. It's a tough 14" spoon with a sturdy, easy to clean stainless steel handle that is heat resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and won't discolor or pick up smells from food.

If they already have everything they need for their kitchen, get them a frickin' laser.

The Tovolo Silicone Spoon is available at a variety of locations that can be searched for through their web site here. If a local company isn't carrying these spoons in your area one can be purchased for $9.95 through Amazon.


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