Drinking at the End of the World: La Fin du Monde

Preparing for the end at my office.
La Fin du Monde is the signature beer from the Unibroue Brewing Company in Chambly, Quebec.

Unibroue brews a number of craft beers, each showcasing a different facet of brewing, whether New World or Old.

The La Fin du Monde is crafted from an ancient European yeast strain and is a golden "tripel" style ale, meaning a strong ale that has consumed 3 times the original gravity of it's lighter counterpart. These ales typically top 9% alcohol by volume, so drink enough and it will feel like the end of the world for you the next morning.

Of course, the reference "la Fin du Monde" is made regarding the European explorers of Northern Canada who believed they had themselves reached the "end of the world" as they traveled further north into modern-day Quebec.

It is easy to understand why La Fin du Monde is Canada's most winsome beer: a good balance of grains, high ABV, strong flavors of caramel, clove, wheat tartness, yeast, hops with a touch of spice and citrus, small Champagne-like bubbles, a clean finish.*

It is a beer that food loves. It is a terrific accoutrement for strong, oily fishes, steamed mussels and garlic, roasted chicken or game birds, venison, bison and other lean ruminants, rabbit, fall and winter vegetables like beets and Brussels sprouts and strong blue cheese: a perfect pairing to "Rogue River Blue" made in Rogue Valley  (no relation to the brewery in San Francisco).

( We think it is great with foie gras, take that, California! Why not, it's the end of the world. )

If we live to see the other side of 12/21/2012, you should also check out Unibroue's other excellent brews: Éphémère, Maudite, Trois Pistoles and many more.


* I hate writing tasting notes as much as the rest of you hate reading them, but this is as close as I can get to describing the beer without buying all of you a bottle. Take my word for it, the beer is delicious.


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