First Day of Christmas: Stainless Steel Chopsticks

Jar Not Included

In addition to our regular irregular content from now until Christmas we will be featuring 12 gift ideas from our kitchens for the kitchens of the cooks in your lives. From stocking stuffers to big box items and more we will be listing the things that have served us well. Whenever possible we will suggest items which can be found in your local stores.

Today I'm starting off with a stocking stuffer that has been a real multitasker in my kitchen. When I first bought these Joyce Chen Stainless Steel Chopsticks on Amazon I'd thought to use them as cool dinnerware for parties. That theory was shot down on my first test run when using the chopsticks was not quite like eating soup with a fork but it was close enough to be annoying. The lack of either texture or grooves made their intended purpose a challenge and sent me back to wooden sticks for dining.

However, they didn't just sit in a drawer. As time went on uses for these steel sticks popped up frequently. My wife began using them for reusable coffee stirrers and I have used them for tasks such as chiseling clumped sugar or spices out of jars, probing doneness of baked items, suspending spice bundles in pots for easy extraction and a minute ago I used one to loosen a knot in a nylon cord.

So, stuff some of these in a stocking and see how many uses your loved one finds for them. Who knows, perhaps their chopstick fu is better than mine and they can use them for eating food too.

Joyce Chen Stainless Steel Chopsticks
Pack of Five Pairs
Currently $10.13 @


  1. I have those as well - gifted from someone many Xmesses ago - and found them useless as an eating utensil & use them as you do, as well as for some serious "drumsticking"...

    1. Yeah, seriously the worst eating utensils ever but so useful otherwise. I'll have to give them a try as drumsticks.


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